A little about us.


Things we love.

Russ and Fergus, the crazy Jack Russells that rule the house, good coffee, cooking, travelling and photography.

“Photography is my oxygen, my passion and my purpose” (Sheldon).

Photography entered my life professionally in the early 2000’s while I was living in London. I was managing a film lab and shooting studio portraits in a pre digital age. I fell in love with the process of shooting on film. Of course I shoot digital too! But I love, love, love film photography.

So we know the question you are asking is why are you shooting film and why are you the right people to shoot my wedding or furry friend.

Here’s some intangible answers.

  • We shoot film because we believe it is beautiful and timeless.

  • It slows down the process so there is more time taken on composing a better images.

  • We love the technical details of film photography. Metering, composition, film selection. It has a real purity about it.

    Why are we the right for you?

  • We are passionate about photography and working with you to create stunning images and capturing beautiful moments.

  • Experience not just in photography, but life in general. We are also multiple Kodak Gold Awards winners!

  • We genuinely want to capture the real you, the joy of the occasion. Create something with you that you will cherish forever .Available for all your commercial photography needs.

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